We have new vocalist - Furman. Already played one show in new line-up - at Grind Here Right Now Fest in Wermelskirhen / Germany. Some new dates for 2016 added to "Tour section". We're rehearsing some new songs, and prepearing to record something in 2016. Cheers!


After some delay, "Degenerate" LP & MC are finally ready! LP released as a co-operation between Fat Ass Records ; Grindfather Productions ; Grindpromotion Records & Addiction To War Records. Limited to 500 copies (400 Black & 100 Orange Haze).

MC released by Grindfather Productions - limited to 100 copies.

You can order all the stuff directly from us - contact us via FB, or email


Finally, we have some T-Shirts for You!!! To order it, check out our shop @ 8 Merch or shop section on our webpage. The price is 40 zl / 12 E + shipping.
You can also order bundle pack: CD + T-shirt for 60 zl / 18 E + postpaid.

If you want to order it, contact us via FB, or email



You can order it directly from us - the price is 25 zl / 8 E + shipping.
If you want to order it, contact us via FB, or email

You can also buy it @ Selfmadegod e-shop:
Orders from Poland:
And from all other countries:

Selfmadegod offers You also ATM T-shirts (no kidding - this is FIRST ATM T-SHIRT EVER!!! ;))), and a bundle pack of a CD + T-shirt in really cool price!!!

ATM profile @ SMG e-shop (PL):
ATM profile @ SMG e-shop (ENG):

In few days we will have SECOND DESIGN OF T-SHIRT, and You will be able to order it directly from us!!

"Degenerate" LP & MC should be ready in 3 weeks!!!


Degenerate release date!!!

Hello Grindheads!!! We've got some very good news for You!!!

So... first of all, we present You artwork for an upcoming ATM full length (check out "DISCOGRAPHY" section). Big respect to MR. QRAS of who created it!!!

Second good news is that, our new album "Degenerate" will be released on CD by SELFMADEGOD RECORDS ( on February 2014.

Third good news is that, "Degenerate" will be released on LP in co-operation between FAT ASS RECORDS & GRINDFATHER PRODUCTIONS and probably 2 more labels. We are still looking for those labels, so if You run one, and You are interested in taking part in this release, then just contact us, and we'll speak about the details. We plan to release LP on a similar date as CD (February 2014), or a little bit later;)))

Many people asked us about some merch - we will do it really soon, and for sure some t-shirts and maybe some other stuff will be ready at the beginning of 2014!!!

If You haven't already heard our any of our new songs from "Degenerate", then check "Under The Razor's Edge" on SELFMADEGOD Youtube channel!!! Cheers!!!



Hello grind core freaks! It has been really long time since last update, but finally we've got some really good news! In 2 weeks we will announce label name & release date of our new album "DEGENERATE". In November we will play a show in Kosice // Slovakia. Also, expect some merch really soon! And now, if haven't already heard our 20 seconds song for "Za krotko, za szybko" compilation on Kwadraciok records, then check out "A.C.A.B." on Youtube (yes, we know that this vidio isn't perfect ;)))). Cheers!

Grind Apocalypse Tour w/ Parricide

New shows confirmed!!!


Parricide / Ass To Mouth

12.12.2012 PL Wroclaw @ Strefa Zero Club | w/ The Axe
13.12.2012 PL Krakow @ Kotkarola Club | w/ Ojciec Dyktator, Bottom, Inverted Mind
14.12.2012 SK Lucenec @ New Slimak Pub |w/ Alea Iacta Est
15.12.2012 RO Bucharest @ Satan Klaus Metal Party - final edition
16.12.2012 RO Brasov @ Rockstadt Club

Upcoming shows

Show In Chelm/Poland moved from 17.11.2012 to 10.11.2012 !!!

Upcoming shows

New show added - 8.09.2012 - Olesnica / Poland ; Show on 24.11.2012 moved from Ostrava to Olomouc / Czech Rep.

New Website

Today we have launched our new website. Mega thanx to Krystian "Pompon" Jarmicki for preparing it exactly as we requested. We'll try to keep this page constantly updated.

So as for the current news - you can find player on the right where are 2 new songs from our upcoming album "Degenerate". Whole album consists of 20 pieces of music, which is almost 30 minutes of gxcx punk blasting madness and we're currently looking for a label to release it.

You can also check new songs on our profiles on: or

We're also looking for someone who could do an interesting cover/layout for us, so if you can take on this or maybe know somebody who can - feel free to contact us [CONTACT section].

We also have 3 new shows scheduled for this year - check out TOUR DATES section for more info & keep on grinding!!! Cheers!

Grind Down White Pride